Are you feeling it?

The desire to work together, for yourselves?

Deciding when to work and where you want to live. Not having to ask for time off. Reducing your commute to thirty seconds and a pair of slippers. Creating time to exercise and eat healthy. No more office politics. More time together to build your marriage and family.

Or, the desire to do something different?

Maybe the office environment is just fine, and everything is really comfortable. Too comfortable. You both sense a bigger adventure “out there”, but don’t know what to do. Or maybe you have your own business, but for any number of reasons, you can’t see yourself doing it for the rest of your life. You feel like there is “more”.

We think you should chase that feeling!

Dream with us for a moment. How would it feel to wake up each day on a schedule you make, working together with the one you love, on a business you care about? That was the dream we chased several decades ago, when we started our branding and web design agency. Through the good and the bad, we have never regretted it.

But building a business together is a hard, challenging process that will stretch you both. Working together is still work. But it can be rewarding work in both your business and your marriage. The skills you learn and apply in your business partnership can help your marriage partnership as well (and vice versa).

A Community to Help

We’re building Love + Work as a resource for couples seeking ways to pursue a common dream of creating an online business together using your combined strengths, gifts and know how.

So, if you’re both seeking freedom, mobility, and fulfillment in a location independent business – and lasting love in your marriage, please join our new Love + Work Facebook community.

Yeah, add me to the community!

Still not sure this is the right path?

Here’s 6 reasons to help change your mind…

1. You don’t need to be a superstar.

Everyone on this planet is unique. You have a gift, experienced something, or learned a skill that someone else will find value in. There will be someone who is more gifted, experienced, or skillful than you, but the opposite is just as true. You are further along than many others. As a couple, you are now two unique human beings sharing life together – each coming to the table with these skills, strengths, and know how.

Your tribe is out there and interested in what you have to offer. With 3.7 billion people milling around the internet, you only need to attract the attention of just a fraction of a fraction of them!

  • Do you get asked the same questions over and over?
  • Do you have “cred” on a specific topic?
  • 3.7 billion internet users and growing.
  • All you need is a small niche.
  • No gatekeepers to stop you.
Want to know more?

2. Now is the best time to start a location independent business.

As you might guess, creating an online business together can take a lot of work. There is a ton to consider before you launch a product or service. However, it has never been more possible for the everyday couple to create and manage every aspect of a business, from most any location you want.

Over the past few years, the number of user-friendly resources has EXPLODED online. These resources can help you plan, test, build, market, sell and optimize what you’re offering.

Seriously, it’s all out there, waiting at your fingertips.

  • Multiple ways to test an idea before you commit
  • Consumer friendly online tools & services
  • Do it yourself (DIY) resources are everywhere
  • Easy to find help (outsource) for any business task
  • Internet access is expanding worldwide
  • Coworking spaces available in multiple countries
  • 3.7 billion people (and growing) as a potential audience
Want to know more?

3. Your existing career may soon disappear. Will you be ready for your new one?

With each passing year, the global economy is rapidly changing with many jobs and careers vanishing. Oxford University released a study stating that 47% of jobs will disappear in the next 25 Years.

The article in goes on to say, “Accountants, doctors, lawyers, teachers, bureaucrats, and financial analysts beware: your jobs are not safe.”

But even as our current work opportunities disappear new trends are appearing that offer hope – if we are open to the possibilities. Are you preparing for your new career?

  • Globalization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Industrial Automation
  • Devalued Credentials
  • Over Retailed
  • Shrinking Middle Class
  • The Maker Movement
  • Entrepreneurial Age
Want to know more?

4. Your mindset may be holding you back. What roadblocks do you need to push through?

There are as many different roadblocks that stop people from making progress as there are people in the world. What are the emotional, mental, and/or spiritual roadblocks you struggle with? How will you come up with a plan to remove, or find a way around them?

Before you can name your roadblocks you need to be honest about what they are. Which means you may need to take time to actually process them with each other.

Whether you’re in business together or not, any time you spend as a couple facing the music and dealing with your issues is going to make your partnership better and stronger.

  • Scarcity mindset: vs Abundance mindset
  • Fear of Failure
  • Self Doubt
  • I have nothing to offer
  • Why would anyone listen to me
  • Information Overload
  • Wishful Thinking
  • Holding a Grudge
Want to know more?

5. Building a partnership marriage can benefit your business together.

There are many relationship styles. Do you know yours? It’s a serious question to ask when you’re thinking about building a business together.

Years ago our marriage mentors shared with us four primary styles of marriage, which we’ve outlined in a free ebook.

Working together, side by side, on anything will force you to communicate, compromise, and get creative. We think the adventure of building a business together can not only give you the freedom of working for yourselves, but also help you to build a more intimate, partnership marriage.

Download our free ebook now.

See if you can identify which marriage style you operate out of the most, then which one you’d like to be living in.

My Way • Horse Trading • Mutual Support • Partnership

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6. Where will you be a year from now if you keep doing what you’re doing?

Blink and life will go by. You may or may not have noticed, life seems to get faster as you get older. And, unless you intentionally plan the future you want, the chances of that future happening are pretty slim.

So, clear your calendar and set aside time do the mental work needed to determine your values and figure out what profitable and sustainable business idea will align with those values.

And ask yourself, what does your life look like in a year if you don’t chase these opportunities?

  • Make time to think
  • Speaking of focus
  • Weigh your opportunity costs
  • The necessity of “no”
  • Kind ways to say “no”
  • The cost of inaction
Want to Know More?

Join us on a journey together!

We’re on a  journey, working together toward these goals, right out in the open: first in our Love + Work Facebook Group, where we would like to hear what your roadblocks are, and how we might be able to help clear them. Once we’ve gathered more info from you about how we can help, we’ll build out those functions in this site,

This isn’t marriage counselling. It also isn’t a marriage retreat. It’s not an hour a week, or a weekend a year to focus on one another. It’s a deliberate choice to build a shared life and livelyhood – day in and day out. It’s not for everyone, but if you think it’s for you, think about taking the next step!

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