The Challenges (and Benefits) of Working Together

Not gonna lie. Sometimes working together is hard.

It’s one thing to see how people get all caught up in their thinking and habits, and to tell them to change that thinking and those habits. It’s another thing entirely to actually do it ourselves. So, I guess what I’m telling you is, we have bad habits and wrong thinking that trip us up, too. We’re plugging away at those things, revisiting them again and again, failing and picking ourselves up, losing motivation, then being inspired again. The mental and emotional gymnastics alone probably burn 1,000 calories a day!

Is it still worth it? Maybe for some, the answer is no. For us, it can only be yes! Working together, making our own schedule, having the freedom to choose where we want to live or travel, building in the time to work out and stay healthy, no rush hour commuting, office romance (!!!), and the list goes on.

Yes, this is hard work, and yes, it is worth it.

Sometimes, when we’re struggling through a certain issue — could be a decision about content on our site, or how it should be designed — I get this feeling like I wish I was anywhere else in the world, doing anything but being in that conversation. It’s hard to be patient. It’s hard to want to make things go your way, at the same time knowing that if you listen hard enough, the other way might just be better than yours.

And, it’s scary to know that your entire income is based on how well the two of us work together. There’s no other income to fall back on. No safety net. It’s an exercise in faith. Do we believe in our idea? Do we believe in each other’s strengths? Is our goal important enough to risk this stage of our lives pursuing? Truth is, we can’t imagine anything else we would want to do. We believe this work is what we were made to do, and marriages are important enough to do whatever we can to champion them..

And finally… what is the cost of inaction if you don’t make move forward with addressing these your issues.


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